Code and DESIGN inc

Dungeon Quest

You can play dungeon RPG many times

Easy to play roguelike RPG in the smartphone!
In turn-based adoption, enjoy thinking each action!
Challenge with the aim of going up to higher stages where nobody hasn't been !!!

Auto-Generated Dungeon

Each time you enter the dungeon a new floor is generated ! You can enjoy RPG for thousands of times!!!
Let's challenge dungeon making full use of the equipment, items, and your experience!
When you go up to 100 floors, there might be something !!!

Easy to play with easy operation

Operation of characters are only the three of  "tap, press and flick"!
Because you can easily operate it with on hand, you can play!!!

Reset system

When you die in the dungeon, our adopted reset system eliminates all items obtained!
t's so addictive - As you aim to go upper floors, you feel the tension for not to die while coming back from the dungeon!!! If you die, let's try again and again from zero !!!
※ Even if you don't die, you'll return to level one after you return from dungeon!

Auto-save function

You can exit the game in any situations, it's optimal to play while commuting, at school,  and to pass the time!
Although there are many speed run elements you can play it casually!!!

Game speed adjustment function

Since it is assumed that you play many times, the game speed can be 64 times fast!
You can speed up and advance the game quickly, in cases like when you have to start over from the first floor!!!

Video sharing function and the live broadcasting game function

Equipped with movies of games, and functions of  easy-shot and uploading the live broadcasting movies!
You can share your god-line play by sharing at Facebook, Twiter and Youtube with your friends. 

A lot of monsters

In the dungeon, there are many monsters with a variety of properties!
Assess the nature of monsters, and consider your only method  to capture them!!!